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Nutriment Blue Oil
1.12 oz - $40.00

One of our most popular skin care items for dry skin. A blend of natural plant lipids helps direct repair skin's natural barrier and reprograms dry skin for long-lasting softness and immediate comfort. 

Nutriment Blue Oil bathes skin cells in exclusive blend of hybrid Sunflower, Kukui, Evening Primrose, Borage and other barrier-repair plant oils; Vitamins A, C, D & E; and calming essential oils of Lavandin Petitgrain, Amyris and blue Azulene from Roman Chamomile.

Use when skin is:
    - Dehydrated, dry, Dull, tired, flaky or scaly skin

    - Skin needing more lubricant from regular moisturizers or skin treatments

    - Skin needing extra liped boost during monthly cycles

   - Skin is exposed to moisture-dry climates (deserts like CA, AZ, CO, OR, NM, TX) or indoor heated spaces         in winter.

  • Adapts skincare routine as skin's needs change
  • Reprograms dry skin for long-lasting softness and immediate comfort
  • Revitalizes for fresher-looking, more radiant skin immediately
  • Supercharges cremes & masques
  • Eliminates dehydrated surface lines with time
  • New lines form more slowly

Home Care | AM/PM: For added lubricant and protection from dryness, enrich any with gel, lotion. creme or masque with 1/2 - 1 pump oil, or apply directly to skin. Can also use periodically, such as in dry weather or other occassions when skin feels dry, looks dull or devitalized.​