The Pampered Face
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Services Continued
Acne Facial ( 70 Minutes)

This Facial deep cleans pores to remove dirt and oils. Customized treatments provide exfoliation, anti bacterial, and anti-imflamatory benefits to increase cell turnover and help guard against future breakouts.

Waxing Services

Eyebrow Wax               15.00-20.00 
includes Eyebrow shape 

Lip                               10.00

 Chin                             15.00

Full Face                     30.00-45.00
(does not include brow shaping and waxing)

Under Arms                 20.00-25.00

Half Arms                   30.00-40.00

Complete Arms           40.00-50.00

Half Legs                    30.00-45.00

Full Legs                     50.00-70.00

Bikini                          35.00-45.00

Brazilian                      55.00-65.00

Chest or Back              50.00-60.00


Lash 15.00
Brow 15.00

Paraffin Treatments

Hand treatment 10.00

Foot treatment 10.00